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You are stuck in operational management. The day-to-day running of the company depends on you. The business is unable to grow and can't exist steadily without your constant involvement. You literally can't abandon the company for even a minute during a crisis - it simply won't survive.
Your business is like a suitcase without a handle: it's hard to carry, but too valuable to walk away from. You are feeling burnt out from running your business and thinking about selling it or passing it on to someone else. But you don't know how to do it without losing even more.
Your business is like a train that's moving fast, but it's also on fire. You're afraid of losing control and failing to manage it. Scaling up your business means multiplying your workload. At the same time, you are already very busy and don't know how to handle your current caseload.
Your business seems to be functioning without much of your direct involvement, but the system is fragile and not thriving. You're unsure where to focus your efforts to help the business grow sustainably. Everything seems to be functioning, but you know it could be better, and you're not sure how to make that happen.
You are in a constant state of almost having everything systematized, but never quite finishing the job. It's like being in a state of perpetual repair - it never ends and always starts up again. You are on the right track by trying to systematize your business, but without an effective and complete methodology, it's inefficient. It feels like you're almost at the point of being free from chaos and urgency, but it's just a mirage.
The reason behind your business troubles is that as the owner, you also have to act as a director. You are bogged down with small tasks that only bring in short-term profits, while neglecting long-term plans and strategies that could vastly increase your results.
Recognize the distinction between being a business owner and a director.
The owner is a strategist who takes the high-level view of things
The manager is more like a commanding officer, issuing orders and leading the charge
on the battlefield.
That's the key distinction here. You seem to be blurring the lines, trying to merge strategic planning with hands-on execution.
01. Establish a strong management system.
02. Put your management system into action.
03. Streamline your business processes to take full control and ensure manageability, even during tough times.
Your business needs a strong management system and up-to-date technology especially in today's volatile market.
But it worked for me anyway!
Yes! It means that you have reached a new level in your business.
We will help you implement effective management tools into your business. You will become a competent and successful owner of your own company, even in the face of a management crisis.
by Alex Visotsky
and Business Booster
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More Free Time for Business Owners You will no longer have to deal with constant problems and instead can delegate tasks to your employees and establish an efficient organizational structure. As the owner, your main priority will be to develop the business, allowing you to have more free time to plan for expansion, personal interests, travel, training, and new projects.
Consistent Profit Growth Businesses in disarray are difficult to scale up. Attempting to automate chaos can lead to faster collapse of the company. Effective administration technologies can increase profits by 2-10-100 times
Enhanced Competitiveness Your company can rise above the competition and become a market leader. During crises, the strongest companies outcompete and strengthen their positions, while weaker companies fail and shut down.
Scalability Opportunities for expansion are present in untapped markets. You can open more branches and reach out to new audiences.
Increased Business Value A business that thrives and grows despite instability is worth more. You can choose to sell your company after the crisis at a higher price
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How does a business owner's life change after implementing management tools?
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Reviews of Accelerator Residents
Business Booster
First impressions, insights, and insider perspectives on how Business Booster
impacted their businesses and lives.
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Reviews of companies across different industries and turnoversafter implementing new technology:
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How to increase an annual growth of the company by 3.5 times? Svetlana Kerimova and her company Woman Insight
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How to become a leader of the IT market? Ruslan Savchishin's company transformation story
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Increased income by 5 times through laying off 60% of employees! The story of entrepreneur Gennady Moroz
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Breaking through the Glass Ceiling Interview with the owner of "ZAKAZ AUTO Group" Vitaly Gnedkov
6,971 business owners have implemented the systematic management technologies provided by us over the past 14 years
Get to know owners who have already systematized their businesses.
Khalida Abdurakhmanova
LLC "Stamperia" - Polygraphy
  • Revenue for the last year +46%
  • Net profit +38%
  • Number of employees grew from 27 to 40
  • Operational part of work takes 10 hours a week
Sergey Chekmazov
Breexe Marine Group Parts Wholesale
  • Revenue for the year +36%
  • Net profit +12%
  • Operational part of work takes 10 hours a week
  • Number of employees grew from 27 to 40
Yevtushenko Sergey
Chervonyi Market chain of household chemistry stores
  • Increased the number of stores from 25 to 40
  • Increased the number of employees from 250 to 600
  • Revenue increased from $82 000 to $327 000 per month
  • Time spent at work at work decreased from 60 to 30 hours per week
Proniv Taras
Pharmacy and optical salon chain " Biomed".
  • Increased the number of branches from 8 to 22
  • Increased staff from 50 to 100 employees
  • Reduced time at work from 60 to 30 hours per week
  • Turnover grew by 2.5 times and continues to grow
Tatiana Tasits
СEnglish language school network "Flash"
  • Increased the number of employees from 19 to 125.
  • Increased income up to 25 times.
  • Reduced time on the job from 60 to 30 hours per week.
  • Manages the company remotely and focuses only on strategic management
Andrykevich Andrei
Production of pumping equipment "Water Energy".
  • Increased the number of employees from 20 to 100.
  • Defined the scaling points of his company
  • Successfully launched his own pumping equipment production
YOU IMPLEMENT ALL THE CHANGES IN YOUR BUSINESS YOURSELF Every business owner dreams of a consultant who can magically implement all the changes without their involvement. However, it doesn't work that way. No consultant knows your business as well as you do. Knowing how it works leaves the consultant. You can avoid development mistakes and strengthen your position as the owner of the company. You will never get the same results with a visiting specialist.
YOUR EMPLOYEES WILL SUPPORT THE CHANGE AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE COMPANY We pay special attention to working out the goals and ideology of your company. You will be able to present these goals to your employees and get their support. Additionally, their motivation will grow as they see you as a reliable employer, and you will be able to stimulate them to work efficiently.
A CLEAR DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM All All development tasks are carried out according to an agreed plan with clear start and end dates for each stage. Employees are familiar with the entire program plan in advance. They know the duration of each course and the next steps to implement the system. The Accelerator program includes meetings and working meetings with precise timelines and instructions on how to proceed.
POWERFUL ANTI-CRISIS SUPPORT The program provides support during difficult times with a community of strong business owners. You will have regular brainstorming sessions, an anti-crisis hotline with the best experts who have come out of crises without losses, a detailed analysis of difficult issues, and detailed action programs.
UNDERSTANDING THROUGH TRAINING The program includes training sessions and seminars that the owner gives to his employees. Our task is to prepare him well and help him conduct the training session. These sessions are recorded on video and used to train new employees in the future. They become part of the corporate training materials. This makes it possible to quickly train personnel on the specifics of work in a particular company.
MATERIALS AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR EVERY ACCELERATOR TASK The project has a clear plan of work. The owner receives a developed company that is ready to expand by following this plan. Each action is accurately described and tested in practice many times. All possible obstacles and difficulties are taken into account in the program.
THE ACCELERATOR IS PERFECT FOR ANY BUSINESS The management tools of the Alex Visotsky program have trained more than 1,000 business owners :
With a staff ranging from 12 to 600 people; With a turnover of $100,000 to $30 million per year;
The industries range from time management training companies to manufacturing and construction companies.
Optimize your business management with BB Platform:
Easily create an editable organizational structure
Implement an automated task control system for your employees
Store and distribute all instructions in one place to the right employees
Automate key processes in your company for increased efficiency.
Business Booster Board is your personal board of directors
The owner of a small company always has to take all the responsibility for the business on his own. You must keep up with changing technologies, market trends, and problem-solving strategies, all while shouldering the burden of risk and the countless nuances of running a business.
Large companies typically have a board of directors to help shoulder this responsibility. These directors bring diverse experience and expertise to the table, making it easier to navigate the complexities of the business world.
Why is this so? Business is a very complicated field: there are a lot of factors, a lot of constant changes, a lot of risks, and a lot of nuances that have to be considered.
Small companies often cannot afford the luxury of a board of directors. The costs of hiring highly qualified individuals to serve on the board can be prohibitive, with some fees running as high as $10,000 to $20,000.
But with Business Booster, small business owners can access the experience and knowledge of successful business owners with annual turnovers ranging from several hundred thousand dollars to hundreds of millions of dollars.
Do you have a problem? - Contact the Business Booster Board for assistance*
*Please note that this service is only available for premium plans and the number of activities covered varies based on the plan.
  • • Masterminds
  • • Experts' performances
  • • Private discussions
  • • Offline events 3 times a year
BBB: Mastermind
BBB: Private Discussions For those who are willing to share their numbers in closed meetings, we offer business breakdowns to provide guidance and support.
Expert speeches Business Booster Board members gain access to private information from market leaders through expert speeches. BBB: Exit Mastermind
BBB: Exit Mastermind
  • 3-day event
  • Runs 2 times a year (Tampa, Las Vegas)
  • Offline
It consists of 16 steps for achieving successful business technology:
  • Step 1 — Building a strong foundation
  • Step 2 — Effective Learning
  • Step 3 — Personal effectiveness and planning
  • Step 4 — Business Conception
  • Step 5 — Agreement with co-owners
  • Step 6 — Development of a valuable end product
  • Step 7 — Organizational chart development
  • Step 8 — Preparation for implementing the organizational chart
  • Step 9 — Preparation for delegating key functions
  • Step 10 — Delegation
  • Step 11 — Hiring and Onboarding
  • Step 12 — Creation of a statistical system
  • Step 13 — Operational planning
  • Step 14 — Written communication system
  • Step 15 — Work Meeting System
  • Step 16 — Implementation of financial planning
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Comparing a System Business to a Traditional Business
traditional business
  • There is a high risk of setbacks if the owner goes on vacation without notice and is out of touch for a month
  • Growth slows down after an initial booming startup phase.
  • The company strategy is either undefined or only known by the owner.
  • Employee record-keeping is often poor, leading to wasted time.
  • The business is dependent on key employees, and the departure of any one of them could result in a serious failure.
  • Poor coordination of departments. Departments resolve issues through supervisors rather than directly. 70% of supervisors' time is wasted.
  • Fluctuating quality of service provision. Quality control is done by clients.
  • The owner receives his income last, and sometimes remains without income or even goes into deficit, while employees have a guaranteed salary.
  • Employees need to be pushed around, and their work often needs to be redone.
  • Grows slower than top 5 competitors.
  • The owner has no time to work on strategy or business development, as a huge part of their attention goes to the operations.
  • The owner burns out and may sell the business for next to nothing just to get rid of the burden.
system business
  • The company grows and develops without the owner's operational involvement.
  • The company grows steadily from month to month, sometimes rapidly by 30-70% per month.
  • All employees know the company's strategy, are motivated to achieve its goals, and move in the same direction.
  • Each employee sees their results, clearly measures them, and is invested in growth.
  • There is a clear management system in place, even if key personnel depart, allowing for seamless replacement and sustainable business growth.
  • Poor coordination of departments. Departments resolve issues through supervisors rather than directly. 70% of supervisors' time is wasted.
  • Fluctuating quality of service provision. Quality control is done by clients.
  • The owner receives his income last, and sometimes remains without income or even goes into deficit, while employees have a guaranteed salary.
  • Employees need to be pushed around, and their work often needs to be redone.
  • Grows slower than top 5 competitors.
  • The owner has no time to work on strategy or business development, as a huge part of their attention goes to the operations.
  • The owner burns out and may sell the business for next to nothing just to get rid of the burden.
  • Actions of different departments are well planned and coordinated with each other. 70% of tasks are solved effectively without managers.
  • Consistently high and growing quality of service.
  • The owner always gets a dividend and receives it first out of the proceeds received. The business is always profitable..
  • All employees are involved in growth, they enjoy working and seeing their results.
  • High development speed and the ability to withstand strong competitors.
  • The owner is engaged only in strategic planning and business development, all operational tasks are handled by employees.
  • The owner "falls in love" with his business all over again, enjoys developing it or sells it very profitably.
For those who think that not all businesses need a system, here are some myths to debunk:
Myth #1: The management system in the company should only be implemented when everything is going well. Spending on consultants during a crisis is not rational.
In reality, your company needs a solid foundation and transparent control, especially during times of instability. The management system can provide support for the owner and prevent the business from collapsing under pressure. By being proactive and using the crisis as an impetus for growth and development, you can take advantage of opportunities while competitors surrender to circumstances.
Myth #2: This is all simple stuff; there is nothing to learn or implement. While planning, organizational structure, and ideology are not new concepts, many owners lack the common management technology needed to combine all the actions into one functioning system.
Our program does not just introduce individual tools, but teaches the technology to implement the system. We help owners turn their businesses into high-performing entities, and teach them how to replicate their success in future ventures.
Myth #3: If your technology is so unique, why aren't you using it to make your own businesses instead of teaching others?
Our team developed this technology through real-world experience creating successful businesses, not just consulting and training.
How to create a systematic business?
Attend a free masterclass for business owners to learn how to strengthen your team and enhance business performance.
Enroll in the 6-day Effective Business System paid online training programto gain a better understanding of what a business system should entail.
If you're prepared to incorporate business management tools and establish a systematic company, join the Business Booster acceleration program.
Creating a successful business requires more than just management technology.
You also need a great business idea, industry expertise, and a quality product. Our company provides clients with the necessary management technology to improve their business performance and make money in the process. With over 1000 successful implementations, we're well-practiced in the industry and have few competitors due to the complexity of our product.
Not everyonecan join the Accelerator
  • Business should be eco-friendly and not harmful to society;
  • We don't work with start-ups with unfinished products;
  • The business must already have at least 3 employees;
  • The business must not have a critical financial situation due to non-payment of wages, overdue debts, or bankruptcy;
  • The business owner must have the power to implement changes without conflicts with co-owners or top managers;
  • The business shouldn't rely solely on one or two clients, as the loss of these clients could lead to the business's downfall;
  • The owner must be willing to work hard for at least a year to build the system.
Business BOOSTER residents
Maria Petchenko
Maria Petchenko
Owner of the Peroni company. Employees: 50 people. Turnover: $1.9 million.
Anatoly Chaban
Anatoly Chaban
Owner of Gagarinn Plaza, Riviera. Employees: 120 people. Turnover: $3.2 million.
Yuri Sinitsa
Yuri Sinitsa
Owner of a trading company. Employees: 490 people. Turnover: $9.7 million.
Andrey Sinitsyn
Andrey Sinitsyn
Owner of the company MelAgro. Employees: 60 people. Turnover: $6.8 million.
Vsevolod Yalovoy
Vsevolod Yalovoy
Owner of Oksana Mukha
Roman Fomin
Roman Fomin
Owner of the company for the production of metal structures, industrial units and details LLC PF-Forum
Oleg Khokhlov
Oleg Khokhlov
Owner of the online school of esoteric technologies LLC Lumos 22
Nikolay Makhnevich
Nikolay Makhnevich
The owner of the company for the purchase of crops Boleko LLC - TOV Boleko
Taras Savchenko
Taras Savchenko
Owner of the printing house Company SCAT
Lyaila Sapargalieva
Lyaila Sapargalieva
The owner of the company for the production of drugs and supplements Sorbent
Dmitry Borovikov
Dmitry Borovikov
Owner of the Heliosdent Dental Clinic chain
Roman Yushko
Roman Yushko
Owner of TNP Industrial Anticorcoating Company
Igor Denisov
Igor Denisov
Owner of the company producing batteries, uninterruptible power supply batteries for industry LLC UPS-Ural
Andrei Platonov
Andrei Platonov
Owner of the company for the sale of ingredients for soapmaking LLC Soapoff
Andrey Alexeyev
Andrey Alexeyev
Owner of the company for the organization of holidays, concerts, conferences
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