A. T.


Owner of a manufacturing company TSO, established in 2001. Today it is a leading company in manufacturing of school chalkboards and school furniture in Ukraine. The company has only 35 staff members, but nevertheless they produce over 3000 school chalk boards a year and service schools in more than 50 Ukrainian cities.

Anatoly was one of the first clients to complete Business Owners Program in 2010. After completion of the program, company’s income has been increasing by 200-250% every year. Two years after the program, the company started to open branches.

His feedback about the program:

“Thanks to the orgboard I could clearly see the structure of the company. Now our “weak spots” are easy to find, and I can see where I need more employee. It is clear to me, that that the organizing board should be considered as a flow of creating value for clients, and that each division participates in this flow. The communication system is a serious tool, which helps organize all communication flows within the company. And it becomes very clear, that company’s income greatly depends on the quality of communication system. Financial planning is one of the most powerful and useful tools in company management, and it is one of the grandest motivational factors. It is second most important tool after the orgboard. Management by statistics is fantastic!!! I agree that statistics could be compared to control panel—they show you the condition of all business processes. Staff training concurrently to the quick staff hire system helps to make sure; that company has one of its most valuable assets – well trained and prepared personnel.”