B. M. & D.


Owners of Chemie & Technology LLP company (Almaty, Kazahstan). This company delivers a wide range of chemical products to their national market, as well as to Russia, China, Poland, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan. The company has also received the “Leader of the Industry” award for 2014.

The brothers completed the Business Owner’s Program in July 2014, and here is what they have to say about the successes they’ve achieved:

“Thanks to the consulting program Business Owner’s School, we have already implemented tools such as, the organizing board for the company, financial planning, communication lines, the use of statistics, coordination meetings and using conditions with weekly plans. We were also able to create a strategic plan for the next six months.

As business owners, we ceased dealing with daily operational matters and, instead, started to organize. Our employees solve almost all of the daily problems and execute the majority of the tasks on their own — I don’t hear about daily problems. They are now in charge of their jobs!!! And that’s amazing!!!

I used to work severn days a week, from 8 a.m. ‘till 9 p.m. , and sometimes I would have to stay until 11 p.m.. Now I spend my weekends with the family, and I don’t work later than 8 p.m during the week.

I started to look to the future, created plans, set goals, and stopped digging myself into problems to attempt to solve them myself. I now have enough time to have activities for myself. I started to exercise I get up early, I go to sleep early and I feel very energetic during the whole day!

We have always had troubles with the allocation of money. After we implemented financial planning, our staff finally realized that it’s necessary to earn more than the minimum, so that the company can grow and develop. Previously, when we had a month where our income was too low, we used to wrack our brains on how to pay staff wages. Sometimes we even took out credit loans to pay out salaries. Now, during the monthly financial planning, we allocate to payroll the exact amount that was earned. And our staff understand, that if pay waslow, that means that the company’s income was lower than expected, and not that management doesn’t want to pay.

Thanks to the Business Owner’s Program we stopped doing everything in the company, and, instead, we started exclusively managing it. I finally understand that I am the COO and my role in my company. However, I want to go beyond that and train a COO to take my post so that I can only deal with the matters of business expansion as the owner of the company. I don’t want to be a “general manager” but an owner. I want to achieve these goals in the next two years.

Without these tools it is really hard to build a large corporation. I’m confident that these tools will help us transform from a medium-sized company into a huge corporation in the near future! Our company has already been active on the Kazakhstan marketplace for 4 years as a medium-sized company for chemical products . We are steadily moving up in the ranks of the 10 best chemical products suppliers in Kazakhstan. Our target is to become the number 1 supplier in the next 5 years.

After the program our income increased by 1.5 times above the quota. In March, we set a new company record for highest product delivery in the history of the company’s existence. We also expanded our staff by 25.

In the past 6 months [in 2014], we changed up our staff as about 10 people left the company. These were the people, who worked with us only to “use” others. Now, we only have people who are truly members of the group.Those who we hired after finishing the program, entered a well organized company and understood their role, the product they were supposed to produce, and what are they were in charge of. Having staff take ownership of their post, helped us eliminate unnecessary actions in allocating tasks to them. This is because of our orgboard as we know what communications, products, etc we want to get out of respective employees. With this orgboard, We have posted 4 divisional heads and 11 department heads. Our employees have a real hope as they realized that carreer advanecement within the company is possible.”