L. B.


Founder and owner of the training company BogushTime (Ukraine) and the developing company BogushTech (USA)

BogushTime specializes in organizing the delivery of Goals-Oriented Time-management workshops based on their own patented technology. BogushTech developed applications to aid time management on-the-go, such as Time Optimizer, Time Companion and Calendar Planner for iPad and iPhone. There are 25 employees between the two companies.

BogushTime was founded in 2009. In a period of two years, the company’s specialists trained over 3000 people — owners, managers, and specialists in different professional fields in the Ukraine and in other countries. BogushTime is known as leading company in its market. Since BogushTech was founded in 2012, the applications they developed are used by people in 88 different countries.

Liudmyla came to Visotsky Consulting for our services in 2010 and here is what she had to say regarding her experience with the Business Owner’s Program:
“As the founder of my business, I finally started feeling that I was moving in the right direction. My ability to control the business has improved and my company has ceased simply “going with the flow” like a little boat. While the business remains small, it is now moving like a powerful ship. I see that we are achieving more and more results.Before we moved unevenly, quickly, and sometimes stopped, jumped again, slowed down again… I have spent my strength to constantly push the company. I could not look away and deal with product development and technology. And now I see a tendency to constant growth. Even if I spend most of my time abroad. The implementation of the Model of Administrative Know How technology in the company allows me to live and work in different countries while managing the business remotely. Moreover, the company no longer goes effect to the ups and downs of different social and economic trends. My company works, captures the market, if necessary, is rearranged quickly and acts as a conscious mechanism.”