R. S.


Owner and CEO of Yaware Group. This company uses technology to increase the general efficiency of a business and its staff members. Yaware Online is the first and leading SaaS-service (a model for software licensing and delivery) in Russia and Ukraine. The program helps keep track of the staff’s hours with the aid of a computer and analyzes the effectiveness of their work.

Ruslan completed the Business Owner’s Program in December 2012. Here is what he had to say about his experience:

“It is vital to correctly organize one’s business operations. And the “correctness” depends on the type of training one receives. Personally, I outgrew systematical training, books, etc that are commonly used. That is why I have chosen a program with qualitative and effective results Business Owner’s Program.

I was very successful in applying the practical knowledge I learned and the experience I gained on the program to the development strategies of the Yaware Group. Since 2012 our income has increased fourfold, the number of our staff increased from 3 people to 15, and we are still growing! Now, we are steadily gaining momentum and progressing on the intended course.

The introduction of statistics, job descriptions and other elements of administrative technologies to the company has drastically increased work efficiency of each individual staff member and the production of the whole company. It became very easy to determine the honest and dedicated employees and to find the weak links. Based on the use of statistics, we were able to make a series of personnel decisions, which allowed us to significantly optimize the company’s staff and increase general productivity.”