V. M.


Vadim Moroz is the founder and owner of the corporate group Lion Group. He completed the Business Owner’s Program (BOP) in July 2014. Since then, his company has grown to 150 staff and now his business includes Lion Recycling Ukraine and Lion Company. Lion Recycling Ukraine manufactures and sells recycled polymeric materials, and according to the national rating industry, it’s the leading industry in 2012-2013. Lion Company manufactures the parts for heating, water supply, air conditioning and plumbing systems.

Feedback on Visotsky Consulting:
“When I first started the program, I really didn’t know what BOP could do for me — – our business was organized, profitable and saw consistent growth. What else could it possibly need? But as it turns out, every BOP participant ends up dividing their life into two parts – before and after BOP!

I learned a lot as my consultant clearly explained the management tools for a correctly functioning company. At this time, I have turned over the management of the company to a COO. Once I separated the functions of owner and director (per BOP instruction) of Lion Recycling, the company’s marginal profit tripled, sales went up 80%, and productivity increased by 66%. We hired 17 new employees for our sales, purchases, production and marketing departments. We achieved these results as armed hostilities started in our country and businesses in the Ukraine were “running out of air”. Additionally, we are work in a quite competitive market for recycled materials and we have powerful competitors. While our company is not new, we’ve had trouble expanding since we’re already established — trying to grow by 1% took a great effort on our part.

Now, the company has set standards and the right tools to guide the company in the right direction. It’s become much easier to manage the company, and for that I want to thank Visotsky Consulting for Business Owners’ Program!”