V. I.


Co-owner of Insait Alyans company. His company helps with enterprise automation and implementation of ERP systems based on a 1C:Enterprise [ERP is short for enterprise resource planning and it’s where business process management software allows an organization to use a mechanism of programs to automate and manage the daily business tasks. 1C: Enterprise is an on-premise cloud system of programs that automate a company’s financial and operational activities.] The company entered the market in 2008, at the beginning of the market crisis. Despite those difficult times, they grew by 3x in comparison to their competitors. There are currently 127 competing companies on the market. Starting from nothing, they climbed to 17th place – a huge win! However, they encountered a new problem – how to further expand. Insait Alyans’ growth stopped and they became stuck at the 17th place. And that’s how they decided to try out the Business Owner’s Program.

Valeriy completed Business Owner’s Program in 2012, and here is his feedback:
“My friend and co-owner, Eugeny Frolov, and I heard about Business Owner’s Program and decided to do it.

We successfully finished the program and implemented management tools such as: the orgboard, statistics, written communications and manger/employee coordination.We are now using these tools in our company at full blast and on a very high level. This brought our team together. We managed to increase our income by approximately 5 times while having about 30% less staff. These incredible results are a huge victory for us. And, we finally moved up in the ranks and our company is now in 5th place.

We plan on getting into the top three within a year, or even become the best 1C ERP company on the market. My own personal achievement – I have my time and my freedom. I decided to turn the job of director general over, become a true owner and truly take on the job of an owner. For that I am absolutely grateful to Vysotsky Consulting, and I want to say “Thank you very much!”