Y. A.


Co-owner and CEO of the company group ZABUGOR.COM. The site acts as a personal traveling agent and has been successfully delivering services since 2004. The company, ZABUGOR.COM, organizes luxurious travels for people who are not easily impressed or rarely surprised. In the Ukraine, ZABUGOR.COM is the leader in travel services to the Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles and the USA.

Feedback about Vysotsky Consulting:
“At one point I realized that I became the weakest link in my own company. I am a certified manager with many years of experience, I have a Ph.D., I’ve been considered a very effective person, and somehow I became a weak link. How is that possible? It’s very simple: I took on all the responsibilities of executing a multitude of tasks,I would micromanage each one,I was too hands on instead of strategizing, I did not think as a manager, and, instead, I put out all the fires. But our goals are big, and we want to have a game with a great scope. And while all this was happening, I came across the Business Owner’s Program.

The first piece of good news was that my situation was not unique — many owners and directors suffer from the exact problems. With this program, I discovered the missing pieces of the puzzle, created a new solid foundation, which I then built upon with certainty. I now have simple and effective tools under my belt.By actively using those tools, perfecting these skills, one can, with time, achieve unbelievable results. And I got those results. Within the first year of application, the company’s income increased by 2.2 times. I started to fly towards my goals like a rocket. I became a member of the beautiful group of smart, talented, highly productive people — the staff of Vysotsky Consulting and the other owners who have completed the Business Owner’s Program. I now get to train other business owners and it’s a great honor for me to be able to share these tools with new participants of the consulting program, empowering them and the whole business community.”