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"I received this book in the evening at 9 pm, opened it immediately and finished reading it at 6 a.m. I wouldn’t even say that I didn’t sleep for a second - I was reading and rereading it over and over for 9 hours straight. By the end of the 9 hours the book was full of my notes. This book really impressed me, it is one of the most powerful and practical books that I have read in my last 7 years in business. Even though I read quite a lot, about 40 books a year minimum, this book just hit the spot. Most importantly, life teaches us how to run the business, it teaches us that we need to earn money."

Lion Group, Founder. Book "A Job Description For The Business Owner"

"When I first started to read the book "A Job Description For The Business Owner", I will simply shocked… This book is a real handbook for a businessman. It describes exactly how a businessman should act and what he should strive for. I spent a lot of time on reading each quote, writing it down on a paper, think about it, write ideas based on it. I got lots, tons of ideas, unbelievable amount. I can see more. That’s why I want to thank Vysotsky for this, let’s say, present. He presented us with a handbook for our future, that helps us see new and high horizons, it help a business, owner and any executive to grow."

C&T LLP, Founder. Book "A Job Description For The Business Owner"

"Simple, easy, comprehensible. Seems like nothing special, but when you read those lines, you get the idea, that you are talking to a good friend. I don’t know, what Vysotsky had planned, but his product came out to be just stunning. I don’t want to let this book out of my hands. I want to read it again, and I know that every time when I am going to do something as the business owner, I will read some chapters of the book again and again. There are books which you read once, enjoy it and put it on a shelf, maybe even having an idea, that one day you will read it again. With this book, I got the idea that I want to read it again WHILE I was still reading it. It’s incredible! I even caught myself, that when talking to my husband I quote the words of Vysotsky from this book. This speaks volumes."

Flash, Founder. Book "A Job Description For The Business Owner"

"When I read this book, my viewpoint on my own business changed. In a complete new way, I could see the role of my business and what it creates. While working with a goal of our company, we have very actively used the book written by Alexander Visotsky. This is simply incredible - the book contained very precise answers to all of the questions we have encountered during our work. It's like Alexander was there with us and helped with advice, when we needed one! :))"

owner, Founder and CEO. Book "A Job Description For The Business Owner"

"In the book Alexander Visotsky talks about the most important questions in a very simple and clear manner: how targets of an owner differ from targets of a director, what is the owner, and no one else, is responsible for, what should the owner put his effort into. I strongly advice this brilliant book to those business owners, who were creating their companies not to bury themselves in day to day problems and enjoy the process of management itself. The book will allow you to look at your personal goals and company’s goals with a new set of eyes, and to encourage and direct a tight professional team to achieve those goals."

PlastFactor, Founder and CEO. Book "A Job Description For The Business Owner"

"I am a company owner and I was interested to find out what my duties are. I had some understanding but there was no clear picture, I did not hear or read about it. After I read this book, all the puzzles came into one clear picture. I got new viewpoint on many things. I got clear understanding of my role, where should I head to and how. Now I know my duties."

LFA, Owner at LFA, Israel. Book "A Job Description For The Business Owner"

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